Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Craigslist treasure

Treasure found! I've been looking for the perfect stroller to roll around the continent of Europe. The winner by far was the Maclaren XT. Being cheap, I decided against buying it. With less than a week until we take to the sky, I got desperate. So, I cruised the site of Craigslist for THE MAC. Craig didn't let me down. Just in the next county, someone was selling a red Mac XT. It was used and cost $300 less than a new one. I got excited & emailed the owner. She responded with her address & said it was mine...then it hit me. People who respond to Craig's ads end up dead. I decided to call my husband & ask him it was a good idea. His last words were "be careful". Not helpful. I then called my twin sister who freaked out. "you're not going by yourself, are you?" I told her NO. It was true...LAN was with me. My anxiety started getting the best of me. One more call. My mom! She was excited that I found the stroller! I quickly hung up & drove into a nice neighborhood. It felt safer surrounded by upscale homes. I pulled into the driveway- car still running, door wide open, and walked up to the door. The stroller and money exchanged, I jumped back into the car. Driving off I was excited with finding such an awesome deal. AND I was alive. I will admit Bundy did push around in my mind. Next time Cody is going with me on my Craigslist treasure hunts!

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