Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Travel to the ATL

I hate parking in parking decks.  Well, that is where you have to park in downtown Atlanta.  At least that's what WE did when I was riding as a passenger.  Today, I ventured out with Landyn to the city, by myself.  Being only 40 minutes away, I figured I should start taking advantage of all ATL has to offer.  OK, I also had an errand to run and thought it would be fun to walk around Peachtree Street.  I was amazed at all the parking so close to my destination!  I swooped my car into the closest unparallel parking spot.  Why? I  never learned how to parallel park.  Thanks hometown for easy parking!

Parked, and ready to grab Lan out of her car seat, I realized that I had parked on the wrong side to safely get out my baby, her bag, bottle, etc... With cars zooming past, I decided to crawl over the seat to the back, get everything and everyone out of the car on the safe, sidewalk side.  Unlatched and packed, I did what looked like the electric slide out of the backdoor.  Closing the door, the whiff hit me. POOP.  Door back open and everything tossed into the floorboard.  Laying Landyn down on the seat, and carrying on a nice conversation with a restaurant owner, I cleaned the poo, packed back up, and headed to destination.  No stroller, just a babe on my hip and my new momma's backpack on my back.  That lasted a good 30 mins. Then it was back to the car for feeding time!

Turning the corner, I see a police officer standing at the back of my car, which  I might add was the only one parked in the area.  I rush over and asked if I had done something wrong or worse... what had been done to my car?!  The nice police lady ended up being a meter cop.  There wasn't a meter anywhere near my car and I had parked there because it was FREE!  Hmmmph.  Turns out that there are new meters that I had never seen before...the one that was suppose to eat my money was almost a half-court away.  I used the best Southern accent I could muster, and let police lady know, "I'ma from Alabama and we are not use to this kidda parkin'".   She laughed and said to go on!

It was FREE parking, after all!

Remember the nice restaurant owner?  I got so carried away in our conversation that upon situating Landyn back into the car, I realized I had left her poopy diaper on the top of my car.  I was nice enough to carry the diaper a half-court away to the trash can right next to the odd parking meter.

We had to go because our free parking was up...next time we hit the ATL, I hope to stay for more than 30 mins.  I'll also suck it up and park in a deck.
She thought the whole ordeal was funny

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