Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stranger Danger?

My daughter gives some killer looks! Well, today Cody and I were the ones left with "The Looks" on our faces.  While walking around our neighborhood we came upon a father teaching his daughters how to ride a bike.  We exchanged pleasantries, like good neighbors, and continued walking home.  A few minutes later, when we were about to go inside, the father of the girls came running into our garage with something in his hand...saying, "this is for the pretty, little lady".  Immediately, I assumed he wanted to give ME something.  I was wrong.  He was holding a dollar neatly folded between his thumb and first finger.  Landyn grabbed it and he walked off!

Cody and I exchanged confused looks, mumbled some thank yous, and walked inside.  We have NO idea why he wanted to give our daughter a dollar!? We couldn't turn it down.  Maybe it's a cultural we are the minority in our neighborhood (which I absolutely LOVE).

We don't know whether we should pay it forward or keep L's first stranger given dollar.  Ideas?  

The Pretty Lady.  I'd give that face a dollar, too!

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