Monday, April 2, 2012

Rain or Shine.

When it's raining outside I like to wear rain boots.  I don't wear them for fashion.  Mine are ugly.  However, I LOVE Landyn's rain boots.  She does wear them for fashion. She has them on today.

When my parents were visiting this past week, I decided that Lan would have to wear her rain boots.  Her GranGran had bought them, so it was a must.  Simple enough.  Except she always pulls the velcro boots off.  They end up in her mouth more than on her feet.  They are right size but she always seemed uncomfortable.  WHY?!  After wearing her rain boots for the past month, I finally solved the mystery.  I had been shoving her feet into the boot without checking the toe for debris.  And debris there was...

Who knew that shoe companies put balled up brown paper in the toe of infant shoes?  Well, they do and I know, now.  Momster moment in front of my own mom!  Luckily, we both laughed it off while taking the paper out of the toe area.  The best news:  They shoes stay on, and Landyn loves to wear the boots more than eat them!  I also learned a valuable lesson.  Always check out reasons why something isn't working in an environment free from all human beings.

*These boots were made for walking... and she is getting closer everyday to accomplishing the use of her shoes!


  1. My girls (well, Lila mostly) are suckers for a good pair of rain boots. I won't embarrass myself and tell you how many pairs she owns...but let's just say, she wears them every day, with everything! Lucy had those exact zebra stripes when she was an itty bitty too.

    Katie A.

  2. When Linus was about eight months old we went to the mall. He started crying after a bit; I tried to nurse him but no luck. His crying got worse. He wasn't wet and couldn't be soothed. He got more and more upset. Finally I took him out to the car to go, then thought of advice the pediatrician once shared: If your baby won't calm down totally strip him; you never know if something is irritating him inside his clothing. I took off his shoe; Linus immediately stopped crying and went to sleep. His poor little pinky toe had been bent back when I put on his shoe. :o( Bad mom moment.