Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm a good wife.  I send Cody The Husband to work with cupcakes.  Ok, it happened once.  Little did I know that his coworkers would love the cupcakes and ask for MORE!?  I am a Baker by surname, but I am no Baker.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found an easy and fun recipe that combines oreos and cake batter.  The first batch I ever made was stellar and tasted heavenly!

I got cocky.  I thought I would beef up my baker skills and use a hand mixer...I've seen them used on the cooking channels.  Bad idea number 1.  Obviously, we do not own a single mixing bowl, so I settled for a square Rubbermaid storage container.  Bad idea number 2.  Without a spoon, apron, or directions, I proceeded.  Bad idea 3.  EVERYTHING was on the counter, close to all of Landyn's feeding supplies.  Bad idea 4.  I should have know to take the road already traveled when it came to baking.

What my cockiness got me:
Mega cleanup

Start of cleanup and things get WORSE

Once clean bottles sprinkled with STICKY goo.
The peace before the storm.  Note that the brand is Baker's Choice.  Well, it was not my choice!  Liars 

Good news:  the cupcakes look and taste GREAT! My husband's coworkers will be excited.  They are a nice bunch and I'm super excited that they enjoy my baking masterpieces!  One day, I will introduce them to my actual talent of cooking.      

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