Sunday, April 29, 2012

ATL Food Truck PARK.

Finally a park for adults.  A picnic without having to pack.  Entertainment without swings or slides.  Fun without the sun.  That, my friends, is the Atlanta Food Truck Park!  Lan and I ventured out by ourselves, to the grand opening of my new favorite park AND restaurant(s).  We enjoyed a variety of food and entertainment...even getting free T-shirts and The Five-Year Engagement paraphernalia.  Score!

As THE TRIP gets closer, so does my need to do make sure Lan is ready...and her parents.  Which is a huge reason we are taking advantage of these weekend trips!

Baby by myself at a crowded event...CHECK!
Baby sleeps in noisy and hot area...CHECK!
Baby drinking water...CHECK!
Baby eating snacks...CHECK!
Baby rides in stroller for extend periods...CHECK!
Baby soothed easily...CHECK!
That's my baby!

My Dinner.
Landyn's Dinner.
We both ate at the picnic tables.

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