Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome to THE Landyn Zone

I've been know to get into "the zone";  zone defense,  Twilight Zone, time zones, even Auto Zone.  But nothing prepared me for the Landyn Zone.  Seven pounds on 7/17 at 7:55 PM beamed me instantaneously into the parent zone.  I knew exactly what that meant.  I had to change, immediately.  I was too adventurous, traveled way too much, and even owned a fly ride (people still say that, right?).  Parenting meant trading in your interests, fun, and friends.  I was ready. We'd been praying for this moment for over three years!  When I was wheeled back to my recovery room, after a LONG labor and c-section, I couldn't feel IT.  I couldn't feel the change I had expected.  I assumed it was from my allergic reaction to morphine.  However, weeks went by and I still had yet to feel IT.    The feeling that I was in the parent zone.  Friends visited, I had fun, and I even began to dabble in some of my OLD interests.  I was beginning to think I was a horrible parent.  I felt guilty for not feeling overwhelmed or stressed out due to our new family member. She just added more fun to our festivities and trips.  I prayed for understanding and direction.  Then it happened.   In the left seat of a helicopter, holding Landyn in my lap, we slowly watched the safe landing zone come into sight,  and that is when I realized that my family was in a different zone.  THE Landyn Zone.  We parent just her, using our own strengths, knowledge, and heart.  When flying helicopters, landing zones change frequently and even spontaneously.  We did not have to fit to the mold of an airstrip, one-way, style of parenting.   We could break all the stereotypes and be different.  We wanted to keep traveling, flying, joking, and seeking.  Our goal is to share our passions with our daughter.  Landyn has taught us new ways to love, laugh, play and pray.  I'm sure we will change our zones along the way.  For now, we are zoned in on teaching our little girl our passions. She already plays guitar and sings praise songs with her daddy, and this momma already has her passport ready for her first European trip in June!
Lan's first flight!  Following the yellow line to the helicopter...

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