Monday, March 26, 2012

Travel Hunt

I consider myself a treasure hunter.  My booty is travel deals.  I sparkle like diamonds and shiny coins when I find the X!  What map do I use to get to the X?  A host of websites.  I check out the following sites daily:

Since we are going to Europe, I am frequently checking, too.

Cash Cuts to Consider:
Create your own itinerary.  Escorted tours are crazy expensive.
Travel with family or a group of friends.  We are splitting a house, car/gas, and food.
Find FREE entertainment.  Check out calendars online for your destination city.
Go during the off-season.  Late May, early June counts!
Fly while your children are FREE.  2 and under ride on lap or in bassinet provided.  Taxes charged.
Book early OR last minute.  I've done both and find best deals last minute.
Don't pay for checked bags, pack light.
Ask for upgrades.  I have never gotten one, but I always ask!
Take pictures as souvenirs.

I dedicate this post to those of you who asked!

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