Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'm pretty sure my daughter is a thief.  After shopping and buying large quantities of necessities at my grandpa's favorite store, Wal-Marks.  I rushed to load all my groceries into the car.  I was trying to beat the fast moving black clouds notorious for bringing thunderstorm rain.  Drops were beginning to fall on my face.  Quickly, I grab Landyn from her awesome Graco stroller.  This stroller rocks!  It has a wide cargo basket below the seat and a sun visor that can be manipulated into a wind shield or in this case an umbrella.  The handle is great for bag hangers and adjusts to different heights.  I'm short.  Husband, tall.  Best yet, it enables me to not have to use a bacteria infected shopping cart!  As I lift the stroller's make shift umbrella, I am surprised to find my smiling daughter hugging a 6 pack of toilet paper.  I grab my nuzzling, toilet paper hugging daughter, and put them both in the car.  Buckled in with the her prized stolen swag beside her, I jump into my seat right in time to miss the flood.  I reach back and grab the TP.  My first reaction:  Great. It was a generic brand.  We actually needed toilet paper, but not that kind.  Sad, I know.  But honest!  Second reaction:  How was my 7.5 month old able to man handle such a big item.  Third reaction:  Do I have to get my daughter out in the pouring rain to go back in and pay for the stolen item?

Starting the car, windshield wipers, and our favorite alphabet music blaring, we were headed home.  I was aiding and abiding a criminal.  Such a sweet, innocent, and STRONG thief, with a smile that lights up even the cloudiest of days!  In all seriousness, my daughter is no thief.  For today is the day that she will be cleared of all charges!  We are off to Wal-Marks to pay for the already opened toilet paper.  If only we had a receipt.  I know where it is, but once again my daughter did not mind the gap and the bag with the receipt is now home to a swaddled diaper in the bottom of a dumpster.    I'm sure the Wal-Marks will still accept our money and apology.

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