Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Split Open

So, I lived up to my self proclaimed Momster title.  As normal, we were out and about. Tuesdays are our Tacos and Target get together with some friends.  We walk around seeking deals, while our daughters coo and grab at each other.  However, today was different.  Lan was super cranky and full of cries.  This is opposite of her usually happy and cheerful personality.  I figured she was going through another growth spurt.  And the best thing to do?  Feed her!  In 4.5 hours, she had two 8 oz bottles and NO nap.  So we continued our walk with my little screamer.  This was a new route and seemingly safe.  And as fast as that thought passed...A lady driving a Town&Country stopped to tell us to be careful, that a woman had just been abducted days before, right in the spot we were standing.  Even better my friend continues to add that a woman was murdered on a bike trail just a few blocks away.  Quickly we pushed our strollers to our next destination, Aldi.  Aldi is a European grocery store that my family frequented while living in Heidelberg, Germany.  I was in search of Germany bread.  In exchange for my wonderful friend assisting me in learning and practicing German, I was to cook an authentic German meal.  BUT, I found nothing I could use.  However, Landyn did relieve her excess fluid by throwing up two bottles of formula right by an unfriendly cashier.  I hear another lady ask the grumpy cashier to get a mop for the milk spill (due note that I offered to clean up the mess, but the cashier said she didn't have any paper towels that I would have to get some out of the bathroom...which only had a hand dryer)!  We headed out, and hurried back to our normal walking route.

Thus far I had found out that my baby was uber upset, a woman was abducted on our not-so-smart-walking-route, and that my daughter could throw-up what looked like a gallon of milk (super proud)!   Landyn started crying again, as we were heading to the car.  At the Target crosswalk it hit me.  I stopped.  Her crying was just not making sense to me.  I knew what to do, so I took my half clean hand and checked her little gums for any signs of teething.  It was there.  A sharp, shinny, perfect little-white-tooth peek-a-booing!  The tooth had already split open and made it's home on her bottom gum line.  This explained the whole day!  I teared up, thinking how bad my baby was in pain, and that her mom missed the signs of her 1st tooth.  More hidden tears...she's growing up too fast.  Super mom activated and  I darted into Target to the pharmacy area with my screaming teether.  I grabbed baby Orajel and immediately tore through the package to give my baby some relief, shards of cardboard on the floor.  Next, I grabbed the infant Tylenol and she took it like a champ.  I even picked up some teething toys, and opened it!  As a nice Target lady eyed me the whole way to check out, I was relieved to know that my daughter was not in distress anymore, though it did add to my stress. It was the prefect ending to such a crazy day.  Now to add teething paraphernalia to our packing list!
Hiding her tooth!

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