Saturday, March 24, 2012

Skip Trip

skip trip:
traveling to a location extremely close to home by way of a hop, SKIP, or jump.

We enjoyed a nice skip trip to our local aquarium.  Though I prefer to travel to foreign lands, I pride myself on finding local, FREE attractions.  This past week I decided gas prices were too high, so I refused to buy gas for 7 days.  This may seem easy to some, but I only had 38 miles left in the gas tank for those 7 days!  Going to downtown Atlanta was out of the question for obvious reasons.  That's when I decided to make up the word and definition for skip trip, and take a skip trip around our city, Hiram (pronounced HI-RUM).

The insane amount of pollen kept our trips to inside destinations. That's how we found the local aquarium!  I remember when I was younger visiting a similar aquarium!  At that moment, I was reliving my childhood with my child beside me.  I am sure most of you visited the same aquarium when you were younger, in several different locations and times.  It's the place where you could touch and knock on the glass and NOT get reprimanded.  Best yet, you could take one of the exotic swimmers home!  That's right, our skip trip was to the Wal-Mart fish tank wall!  I had no idea that some Wally World's still carried fish.  It was just like I remembered it.  Lan was just as excited as me!  She watched and tapped the glass, even making fishy faces at one point.  I kid you not, we stayed and played for a good 30 minutes! I came close to buying her one of the $0.38 gold fish, but decided against it.  Buying a pet is a family decision, and a BIG responsibility.  Cody just laughed at me when I told him that I wanted to talk to him before I made such a purchase.  However, we did pick out our favorite fish in the tank and adopted him.  His name is Dada.  Landyn's pick and the only word she says.  Who needs to take him from his friends and home, when we can visit him whenever we want for FREE and with no RESPONSIBILITY?!  Best skip trip, all week!

I am down to 8 miles in the gas tank, but it was worth it to see the old school fish tank!
7 days are up and it is time to buy gas.
CHALLENGE: Give up gas for a week and tell me about your own skip trips!  
The Aquarium!

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  1. so now I know why you have't come to see us!