Monday, March 19, 2012

Portable Babe

We've been traveling, state side.  Literally, we went next door to the state on Georgia's left.  ALABAMA!  Poor state is the root of almost every southern joke.  But it is my favorite place for a weekend visit.  Mostly, because my family members are still residents of the state.  Are they redneck?  NO.  DO they play the banjo?  NO.  DO they have branches on the family tree?!  YES!  These are questions I am asked frequently...  mostly coming out of the mouths of other "southern folk".  Funny.

Packing list for AL:  5 diapers, travel wipes, 2 bottles filled with water, box of formula, 2 baby food pouches (lasts 4 days), teething meds, hair bows, pink chucks (shoes), and onesies (it was HOT).  And that is it.  I stayed 2 nights & 3 days.  Did I need any extras while I was there?  Yep.  Diapers.  Did I buy any?  Nope.  GranGran has her own stash.  Toys?  Shoe strings and water bottles keep Lan busy in play.

These weekends are getting me ready for our BIG and daring packing adventure for the 14 day European excursion.  Obviously, babies are light cargo right now & easily portable.  No excuses for not traveling state side.  It may take longer to get somewhere, but that's half the adventure!  No money?  Save for 3 years like we did/had to do!
Bis Spater!

The Alabama family.  Now you know why it is easy for me to pack light!
The #1 is a tradition.  Some throw up peace signs we throw 1s.

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