Friday, March 23, 2012


I have found the perfect, unsanitary, and dangerous teething toy for Lan.  The nasal bulb.  You know the rubbery syringe used for sucking snot out of a little one's nose.  It has a long, pointed end that could be used to poke her eye out or even get semi-lodged in her throat.  Unsafe, yes... yet soothing for the both of us.  Not only is it great for teething, but for diaper changing!  I have learned to change a diaper on the move with twists and turns, grabs and pulls...but now with bulb in hand, she is motionless!  THANK YOU snot bulb!  She only gets the pleasure of the bulb under my supervision.  I'm not that bad of a Momster!  I guess I'll add that it was clean, too.

On to more nosey facts.  Lan draws attention when she sleeps in public.  She doesn't snore or make any's the way she falls asleep.  It's quit simple.  Give her any soft blanket to nuzzle (rubbing her whole face with the blanket) and she is OUT!  Great, right?!  Except when we are in public.  I have every white, haired grandma stop me to tell me that my daughter is smothering, even though her nose is not covered.  "You need to pull the blanket off her face."  That's the most common command we receive from the Golden Girls look alikes!  Some even do it themselves!   Because I respect those old ladies, I move it. And then my tired gal starts crying.  Secretly, once the grandma turns her back, I put the blanket back on Lan's face and all is dreamy again.  It doesn't bother me much, because I know I am going to be that NOSEY white, haired grandma one day...or on an episode of What Would You Do.  

The Bulb of  Motionless! 

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