Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NO Fly!

A frog can catch and eat a fly.  A person can fly.  However, my daughter became both.
Today, she morphed into a fly eating frog.

Sitting at our bay window, Lan was playing with our blinds.  The blinds had not been open since the "last time", so I decided to dust before I opened them.  I left Lan sitting by the window as I went to go grab our duster.  When I came back she was playing with the bottom blind.  No problem!  I love looking down to check on her and seeing that one-of-a-kind smile.  Except this time her smile was blocked by her balled up fist. This "look" meant that she was once again vacuuming and sucking up anything in her path.  I rushed to grab whatever she had planned to eat.  Before I could get to her hand, something bounced off her tongue and onto the window seal.  A dead fly.  How it came to its demise...we will never know.  I like to believe that Landyn pulled a Mr. Miyagi with her small, chubby fingers.  But the stiff fly was more than likely a victim of last summer...cause unknown.  This mommy is excited she didn't eat any part of the fly.  AND that her tongue is free of larvae!

Parents: do tell your own follies, this Momster needs your feedback!  Do share.

The fly croaked.  Please note all body parts are still intact! 


  1. I'm glad she followed no part of the fly! I think the worst thing James ate was a piece of burned charcoal from the grill. I just looked over and he had black all over his face.

    1. That's too funny! Everyday seems to hold new surprises and entertainment...thanks to our little ones.