Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My World.

Is an infant portable??  Can you experience the world while taking care of your little world?  How do you  travel light?  When do you go?  What do you take?   In 3 months, I will be embarking on a new journey to discover the answers.  As of now, I am using my own personal travel experiences to guide me. I have traveled to 30 different countries, some multiple times.  Yet, this will be my first trip to a foreign country with my daughter.  Here in America, it is simple to pick up your baby and GO!  I rarely take anything other than her diaper bag and a few changes of clothes, knowing I can pick up any item I need at a local store.  Being a stay-at-home mom, I have the leisure of going wherever I want at anytime.  So lately, I have challenged myself to pretend that I am in a foreign country (even practicing my German).  I have downsized my awesome stroller to a more European friendly umbrella stroller.  I've started carrying all the items I would need for Landyn throughout a normal day.  This has helped me log the amount of diapers, formula, and baby food (I am going to use the new squeezables, they are less messy and lighter to carry), that we would need for a typical day.  We plan on taking all we need for Lan with us.  Cody and I are light packers, so we be taking carry ons only.  Also, Lan will be riding on our laps during the flight.  Great news, if you ask a flight attendant for a bassinet, they give you one to use during the duration of your flight... for FREE!  This would be the perfect opportunity to proclaim:  I AM FRUGAL!  I am addicted to traveling, so in order to fill the addiction, I must cut corners, find deals, and plan!  I prefer to embrace the culture I am visiting rather than be a tourist just checking out the sites and eating at McDonald's (they are everywhere).  With that said, it helps us enjoy our travels and makes them more memorable and affortable.  I'll be tackling the above questions in the next few days.  Suggestions or advice, welcomed!  


  1. well, sorry I cannot be of help when packing to travel with baby...I myself sometimes pack more than I actually need. So maybe it will be good if can give me your light packing advice :). However, remember to tell me if you come to Hamburg, it would be so nice to see you again and meet your family :) Looking forward to reading about the trips.

    1. Thanks Cat! We will be staying in a farmhouse south of Frankfurt. We will be taking day trips to France, Switzerland, Austria...and some close micro countries. Will you be traveling south during May 27-June 10?! I'd love to meet up and intorduce you to my family!