Monday, March 12, 2012

Mind the GAP!

I lock memories.  Most the time, I use pictures to get the job done.  However, in England it was a phrase that locked into my memory.  MIND THE GAP!  If you are familiar with the phrase then you KNOW.  You know that this has nothing to do with clothing, or actually having to mind anyone.  It's actually a warning to alert passengers on the Underground, to not "fall" onto the tracks below. I never came close to hitting the tracks, but the phrase stuck with me!

Now that I am a mom to Landyn, I have realized that I use my locked travel memories to parent.  Just yesterday during church, my darling decided to urinate all over a nursery worker, after she had already thrown up in between the nice lady's toes.  With apologies and secret laughs, my husband walked Landyn out to our car and buckled her in for our 30 minute ride home.  Landyn loved this car ride, we could hear her giggling and playing.  We were all singing to some awesome alphabet music when all of a sudden I began to taste a rank smell.  I glared at my husband and asked him why he didn't at least roll the window down.  I obviously blame all bad smells on him.  He pleaded that it wasn't him, and soon the smell and taste disappeared.  Living in the south, it happens all the time to blame spouses for smells that are actually coming from distant chicken houses/trucks, dog food plants, or paper mills.

Once we arrived home, I ran in to make dinner.  Cody, the husband who gets blamed frequently, was bringing in our daughter.  As I was starting to simmer some veggies, I hear my husband yell for help.  I rounded the corner to see him running upstairs with our daughter at arms length from his chest. Our precious daughter was smiling with poop on her hands, feet, and legs...not to mention obvious areas.  The smell returned.  Our daughter has pooped what smelled like the south.  It was her, the whole time.  I grabbed my naked girl and set her in the bathtub for a spray down.  Cody handled the clothes.  Success!  UNTIL, I found my husband outside on our front lawn with Landyn's car seat and base.  He was washing it down and asking neighbors to join in the fun.  They declined.  Landyn had not minded the gaps in her diaper.  See, she is stuck in-between a size 2 and 3 diaper right now, so in her 2s she pees and poops out the top of her diaper.  In her 3s, the liquid and solids come out of the gaps on the sides of her legs, where the diaper sags.  My husband and I tell each other to mind the gap, when we are changing our daughter.  We know that though we are alerting each other of gaps in our daughters diaper, that things will still fall onto the floor, bed, car seat, jumper, ladies laps, etc..  Nonetheless, it makes us excited to know that one day soon we can take our daughter, and all her gaps, to England, where she can mind the gap and not have anything fall through!

Here's to hoping my daughter grows into the 3s before we set out for Europe!
Until then: MIND THE GAP!
Before the spray down

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