Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Down to ground!  That was the plan.  I saw her eyes scan the area right where I was standing.  Quickly, I dropped to the floor before her eyes found my presence. It was pure planning to keep her sight obscured by fluffy, white mesh.  And just as fast as she felt me in the room, she was back to slumber, nuzzled up to the fluffy, white mesh that surrounded her crib.  See, I am a spy.  It's what being a mom is all about.  Stay in the shadows and be on alert at all times.  I am better at staying in the shadows, peeking in on Landyn when she least expects it.  I have been known to hit the floor, crawling out of her room.  I often laugh at myself over the things I do to make sure Lan is safe.  That was until she became a shape-shifter.  She has shifted into a mobile, climbing, spinning, jumping, daredevil of a child!

Today, I failed to be on spy alert.  While at Target's snack bar, my stroller laying 8 month old, grabbed and pulled herself out of her  stroller by way of dangling chip bags.  This landed her onto the hard ground below.  Her fall was softened by said chips and the lip of an end cap.  I caught her leg just in time to do nothing.  Frantically, I checked her out. And then I did it again.  I morphed back into the dreaded role of self-proclaimed Momster. I should be blogging about how not to become a Momster.  I slowly calmed myself down and noticed she only had a little scratch on her forehead, that was it!  Not satisfied with her smiles and playfulness.  I took her immediately to the second best place for injury assistance...The Target Pharmacy!  The pharmacist actually did look her over and gave me advice from a mom's point of view.  I felt better after she reassured me that it was a small fall and that it probably wouldn't even leave a bump.  Small Fall?  It was like diving head first off the summit of Mt. Everest to this spy mom on 24/7 watch...

I just woke my mountain climber to cuddle with her and make sure she wasn't in any pain (besides teething).  Now back asleep, I silently pray that the only thing hitting the ground anytime soon... is ME  

She caught me!

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