Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Craigslist treasure

Treasure found! I've been looking for the perfect stroller to roll around the continent of Europe. The winner by far was the Maclaren XT. Being cheap, I decided against buying it. With less than a week until we take to the sky, I got desperate. So, I cruised the site of Craigslist for THE MAC. Craig didn't let me down. Just in the next county, someone was selling a red Mac XT. It was used and cost $300 less than a new one. I got excited & emailed the owner. She responded with her address & said it was mine...then it hit me. People who respond to Craig's ads end up dead. I decided to call my husband & ask him it was a good idea. His last words were "be careful". Not helpful. I then called my twin sister who freaked out. "you're not going by yourself, are you?" I told her NO. It was true...LAN was with me. My anxiety started getting the best of me. One more call. My mom! She was excited that I found the stroller! I quickly hung up & drove into a nice neighborhood. It felt safer surrounded by upscale homes. I pulled into the driveway- car still running, door wide open, and walked up to the door. The stroller and money exchanged, I jumped back into the car. Driving off I was excited with finding such an awesome deal. AND I was alive. I will admit Bundy did push around in my mind. Next time Cody is going with me on my Craigslist treasure hunts!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The many sleep positions

My daughter is a contortionist...it's her super power. We rarely catch her in the act of using her powers because it occurs in her sleep. I have no idea how she can sleep in such awkward positions, but she makes it look comfy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1st Mother's Day in pictures!

Taking Lan on her first airplane ride!  I was the pilot!
My special gift from Cody and Lan,  plus lunch at Elevation Chophouse:)
Playing golf at the airport

Dressed up
Surprise photo shoot that my brother-in-law planned

I have a super daughter and wonderful husband/baby daddy!  My whole fam is pretty rad.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo.

We celebrated the Mexican holiday by going to Chili's and having chips and salsa. Okay it had nothing to do with the holiday and it actually happened yesterday on "May the Fourth be with you" day.  We also visited the grand opening of a sporting store and spotted random fish in the the parking lot.  I've realized I frequently talk about fish tanks.  So here we go again:  Picture version

Bass tank up top with L and pops.
Catfish pond on bottom.  It stunk.
Today we went to MAY-rietta Daze.  And I didn't have to spend a dime.  Woot.  It's a local crafts fair in historic downtown Marietta, Georgia.  My favorite part of the day was eating at The Australian Bakery.  A nice Aussie made Landyn a balloon kangaroo and sang to her in his awesome accent.  I sometime talk to Landyn in fake accents hoping she'll catch one and "grow with it."  Right now she likes to blow spit instead of talking.  Words are invisible, but spit produces bubbles. I would want to see something for all my effort, too.  Adults have it all wrong.

A day would not be complete without a stop to shop.  We purchased some Landyn Gear.  She is now hooked up with some cool shades.  Will they stay on her face?  Nope.  But like training her to speak in a foreign accent, I will keep trying and trying...

For Cinco de May try your own Mexican accent.  My attempt? No bueno.

The Australian Bakery with the nice Aussie and kangaroo
Cool shades.  She prefers the spit guard 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was impressed with their salads. The waitresses were nice, too! For a girls lunch date it was fun...but I wouldn't invite my husband to a Hooters outing. He doesn't like salads.

The Girls!


They are all around Europe! Today we went fountain hoping to get ready for the big trip. It looks like Lan is going to be a fan of the fountains. I will be packing a handful of pennies!

Find the fountain...instead she found some grass

Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is how Landyn treats boys. Fellas beware. She's known for biting your head off.
I like it.  You will not.

She's got some sharp teeth.   All two of them.

Taste of Marietta

...and it tasted great.  I was impressed that my husband and I only spent $12!  Being frugal I had to share.  This is some of what we ordered:
Not pictured: 4 cookies, snow cone, and mango iced tea
The winner?  The Irish spring roll...pictured bottom left.  It won last year.  We now know why.

You will be seeing us at other "Taste of...." events!

My dates.  

ATL Food Truck PARK.

Finally a park for adults.  A picnic without having to pack.  Entertainment without swings or slides.  Fun without the sun.  That, my friends, is the Atlanta Food Truck Park!  Lan and I ventured out by ourselves, to the grand opening of my new favorite park AND restaurant(s).  We enjoyed a variety of food and entertainment...even getting free T-shirts and The Five-Year Engagement paraphernalia.  Score!

As THE TRIP gets closer, so does my need to do make sure Lan is ready...and her parents.  Which is a huge reason we are taking advantage of these weekend trips!

Baby by myself at a crowded event...CHECK!
Baby sleeps in noisy and hot area...CHECK!
Baby drinking water...CHECK!
Baby eating snacks...CHECK!
Baby rides in stroller for extend periods...CHECK!
Baby soothed easily...CHECK!
That's my baby!

My Dinner.
Landyn's Dinner.
We both ate at the picnic tables.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


They were blooming and the crowd was booming!  We attended the Dogwood Festival, last weekend.  In preparation for all the European fests we will be enjoying, Cody and I decided to get Lan used to crowds and longer stroller rides by going to local ATL events. She is one fun and energetic travel buddy!  I believe her favorite past time is people watching.  We are blessed that she enjoys the outdoors as much as we do.  Now that we have conquered one HUGE event, it is time for MORE!
Around Piedmont Park

People Watching!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skid marks...even dolls move away!

Entertainment must come in the form of poop stories, these days.  My poor daughter is always "painting a new picture" on any canvas she can find.  This time we were visiting my sister-in-law and kids.  Lan obviously started painting when her aunt picked her up.  The masterpiece is show below.   
The masterpiece

Cleaning the brush.
Lan  did not like the dolls...but they didn't like her either.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Landyn's hand to mouth coordination is fantastic!  That means I have been digging things out from behind her two, little teeth.
Things I have had to take out of her mouth, TODAY:
plastic bag
throw up chunk
rolly polly

If I didn't have a watchful eye...my daughter would have some interesting intestines.  She also enjoys eating number 2 baby food- minus pears.

Fun times for this momster!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Lan's favorite toy is any type of ball!  She likes to hide her toys.  Favorite spot?  My shoes!
Hiding spot

Monday, April 16, 2012


Any suggestions on how to get those crusty nostril friends?  I've tried water, the nose pinch, q-tip, and even the finger pick.
They just linger.

Nap time

She plays hard.  
First time to fall asleep playing

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stranger Danger?

My daughter gives some killer looks! Well, today Cody and I were the ones left with "The Looks" on our faces.  While walking around our neighborhood we came upon a father teaching his daughters how to ride a bike.  We exchanged pleasantries, like good neighbors, and continued walking home.  A few minutes later, when we were about to go inside, the father of the girls came running into our garage with something in his hand...saying, "this is for the pretty, little lady".  Immediately, I assumed he wanted to give ME something.  I was wrong.  He was holding a dollar neatly folded between his thumb and first finger.  Landyn grabbed it and he walked off!

Cody and I exchanged confused looks, mumbled some thank yous, and walked inside.  We have NO idea why he wanted to give our daughter a dollar!? We couldn't turn it down.  Maybe it's a cultural thing...as we are the minority in our neighborhood (which I absolutely LOVE).

We don't know whether we should pay it forward or keep L's first stranger given dollar.  Ideas?  

The Pretty Lady.  I'd give that face a dollar, too!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


What's that NOISE?
Nothing...Just mom cooking Schnitzel. 
It stinks.  Are you really going to eat that burnt stuff?
Let me order...
Dinner is served.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm a good wife.  I send Cody The Husband to work with cupcakes.  Ok, it happened once.  Little did I know that his coworkers would love the cupcakes and ask for MORE!?  I am a Baker by surname, but I am no Baker.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found an easy and fun recipe that combines oreos and cake batter.  The first batch I ever made was stellar and tasted heavenly!

I got cocky.  I thought I would beef up my baker skills and use a hand mixer...I've seen them used on the cooking channels.  Bad idea number 1.  Obviously, we do not own a single mixing bowl, so I settled for a square Rubbermaid storage container.  Bad idea number 2.  Without a spoon, apron, or directions, I proceeded.  Bad idea 3.  EVERYTHING was on the counter, close to all of Landyn's feeding supplies.  Bad idea 4.  I should have know to take the road already traveled when it came to baking.

What my cockiness got me:
Mega cleanup

Start of cleanup and things get WORSE

Once clean bottles sprinkled with STICKY goo.
The peace before the storm.  Note that the brand is Baker's Choice.  Well, it was not my choice!  Liars 

Good news:  the cupcakes look and taste GREAT! My husband's coworkers will be excited.  They are a nice bunch and I'm super excited that they enjoy my baking masterpieces!  One day, I will introduce them to my actual talent of cooking.      

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New ZOO!

We found a new and FREE place to see common household animals!  It's called Petsmart!  Not sure it you pronounce it pet's mart or pet smart?  This place is crawling with four legs, two legs, even no legs.  It's better than Wal-Mart's aquarium!  FOR FREE you get to watch dogs being pampered.  Some were being shaved for their new summer hairdo, while others were receiving a mani...or was it a pedi?  Next to the salon was a cathouse.  It was boring.  The cats were just laying around.  No meows or claws.  On the other side of the salon was the exotic fish tanks.  We were drawn to the colorful, more giant of fish.  I have no idea what kind of fish were were checking out, but they were not gold.

Landyn's favorite spot was the bird sanctuary!  She kept spreading her own wings and flapping like the birds she was watching.  Since our visit, she has been playing bird.  It reminds me of the scene from The Notebook where Allie makes Noah act like a bird.  So Lan and I reenact the scene.  When she starts flapping I take the role of Noah and casually say, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."  Fun times!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Not green beans

It looked like a green bean.  It's what she had for lunch.  Leaning over to pick it up
I realized she had thrown up all over my arm. 
It wasn't throw up.  It was poop.  Down my arm, her back, even in her diaper.
Bath was taken.  I picked up more poop.  Bath was taken II.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Travel to the ATL

I hate parking in parking decks.  Well, that is where you have to park in downtown Atlanta.  At least that's what WE did when I was riding as a passenger.  Today, I ventured out with Landyn to the city, by myself.  Being only 40 minutes away, I figured I should start taking advantage of all ATL has to offer.  OK, I also had an errand to run and thought it would be fun to walk around Peachtree Street.  I was amazed at all the parking so close to my destination!  I swooped my car into the closest unparallel parking spot.  Why? I  never learned how to parallel park.  Thanks hometown for easy parking!

Parked, and ready to grab Lan out of her car seat, I realized that I had parked on the wrong side to safely get out my baby, her bag, bottle, etc... With cars zooming past, I decided to crawl over the seat to the back, get everything and everyone out of the car on the safe, sidewalk side.  Unlatched and packed, I did what looked like the electric slide out of the backdoor.  Closing the door, the whiff hit me. POOP.  Door back open and everything tossed into the floorboard.  Laying Landyn down on the seat, and carrying on a nice conversation with a restaurant owner, I cleaned the poo, packed back up, and headed to destination.  No stroller, just a babe on my hip and my new momma's backpack on my back.  That lasted a good 30 mins. Then it was back to the car for feeding time!

Turning the corner, I see a police officer standing at the back of my car, which  I might add was the only one parked in the area.  I rush over and asked if I had done something wrong or worse... what had been done to my car?!  The nice police lady ended up being a meter cop.  There wasn't a meter anywhere near my car and I had parked there because it was FREE!  Hmmmph.  Turns out that there are new meters that I had never seen before...the one that was suppose to eat my money was almost a half-court away.  I used the best Southern accent I could muster, and let police lady know, "I'ma from Alabama and we are not use to this kidda parkin'".   She laughed and said to go on!

It was FREE parking, after all!

Remember the nice restaurant owner?  I got so carried away in our conversation that upon situating Landyn back into the car, I realized I had left her poopy diaper on the top of my car.  I was nice enough to carry the diaper a half-court away to the trash can right next to the odd parking meter.

We had to go because our free parking was up...next time we hit the ATL, I hope to stay for more than 30 mins.  I'll also suck it up and park in a deck.
She thought the whole ordeal was funny

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rain or Shine.

When it's raining outside I like to wear rain boots.  I don't wear them for fashion.  Mine are ugly.  However, I LOVE Landyn's rain boots.  She does wear them for fashion. She has them on today.

When my parents were visiting this past week, I decided that Lan would have to wear her rain boots.  Her GranGran had bought them, so it was a must.  Simple enough.  Except she always pulls the velcro boots off.  They end up in her mouth more than on her feet.  They are right size but she always seemed uncomfortable.  WHY?!  After wearing her rain boots for the past month, I finally solved the mystery.  I had been shoving her feet into the boot without checking the toe for debris.  And debris there was...

Who knew that shoe companies put balled up brown paper in the toe of infant shoes?  Well, they do and I know, now.  Momster moment in front of my own mom!  Luckily, we both laughed it off while taking the paper out of the toe area.  The best news:  They shoes stay on, and Landyn loves to wear the boots more than eat them!  I also learned a valuable lesson.  Always check out reasons why something isn't working in an environment free from all human beings.

*These boots were made for walking... and she is getting closer everyday to accomplishing the use of her shoes!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

In the sky...way up high.

We flew with Daddy from Cartersville to the PDK airport!  She was served refreshments and
even used her own lavatory "#2".  Please read post below and see what happens when you fly without
enough diapers on board.
In flight meal on the left and the ATL skyline above the sleeping babe on right.

Naked at the airport

Make shift diaper out of soft airport paper towels
Pee that was not stopped by airport paper towels
Daddy strip cleaning with airport paper towels
In daddy's shirt without any paper towels or diaper
Pee all in and on daddy's shirt, diaper run and back in Huggies...topless

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NO Fly!

A frog can catch and eat a fly.  A person can fly.  However, my daughter became both.
Today, she morphed into a fly eating frog.

Sitting at our bay window, Lan was playing with our blinds.  The blinds had not been open since the "last time", so I decided to dust before I opened them.  I left Lan sitting by the window as I went to go grab our duster.  When I came back she was playing with the bottom blind.  No problem!  I love looking down to check on her and seeing that one-of-a-kind smile.  Except this time her smile was blocked by her balled up fist. This "look" meant that she was once again vacuuming and sucking up anything in her path.  I rushed to grab whatever she had planned to eat.  Before I could get to her hand, something bounced off her tongue and onto the window seal.  A dead fly.  How it came to its demise...we will never know.  I like to believe that Landyn pulled a Mr. Miyagi with her small, chubby fingers.  But the stiff fly was more than likely a victim of last summer...cause unknown.  This mommy is excited she didn't eat any part of the fly.  AND that her tongue is free of larvae!

Parents: do tell your own follies, this Momster needs your feedback!  Do share.

The fly croaked.  Please note all body parts are still intact! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Travel Hunt

I consider myself a treasure hunter.  My booty is travel deals.  I sparkle like diamonds and shiny coins when I find the X!  What map do I use to get to the X?  A host of websites.  I check out the following sites daily:

Since we are going to Europe, I am frequently checking ryanair.com, too.

Cash Cuts to Consider:
Create your own itinerary.  Escorted tours are crazy expensive.
Travel with family or a group of friends.  We are splitting a house, car/gas, and food.
Find FREE entertainment.  Check out calendars online for your destination city.
Go during the off-season.  Late May, early June counts!
Fly while your children are FREE.  2 and under ride on lap or in bassinet provided.  Taxes charged.
Book early OR last minute.  I've done both and find best deals last minute.
Don't pay for checked bags, pack light.
Ask for upgrades.  I have never gotten one, but I always ask!
Take pictures as souvenirs.

I dedicate this post to those of you who asked!

The Look

She's already starting to roll her eyes @ her crazy M&D.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


We made our own fishbowl out of Lan's bedroom window!
Guess it would be more like a fishdow.
The fish is made out of a painted, plastic 2 liter soda bottle.  Easy to make, but I didn't.
He swam from The Bahamas in a sea of clothes...thanks to my carryon.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Skip Trip

skip trip:
traveling to a location extremely close to home by way of a hop, SKIP, or jump.

We enjoyed a nice skip trip to our local aquarium.  Though I prefer to travel to foreign lands, I pride myself on finding local, FREE attractions.  This past week I decided gas prices were too high, so I refused to buy gas for 7 days.  This may seem easy to some, but I only had 38 miles left in the gas tank for those 7 days!  Going to downtown Atlanta was out of the question for obvious reasons.  That's when I decided to make up the word and definition for skip trip, and take a skip trip around our city, Hiram (pronounced HI-RUM).

The insane amount of pollen kept our trips to inside destinations. That's how we found the local aquarium!  I remember when I was younger visiting a similar aquarium!  At that moment, I was reliving my childhood with my child beside me.  I am sure most of you visited the same aquarium when you were younger, in several different locations and times.  It's the place where you could touch and knock on the glass and NOT get reprimanded.  Best yet, you could take one of the exotic swimmers home!  That's right, our skip trip was to the Wal-Mart fish tank wall!  I had no idea that some Wally World's still carried fish.  It was just like I remembered it.  Lan was just as excited as me!  She watched and tapped the glass, even making fishy faces at one point.  I kid you not, we stayed and played for a good 30 minutes! I came close to buying her one of the $0.38 gold fish, but decided against it.  Buying a pet is a family decision, and a BIG responsibility.  Cody just laughed at me when I told him that I wanted to talk to him before I made such a purchase.  However, we did pick out our favorite fish in the tank and adopted him.  His name is Dada.  Landyn's pick and the only word she says.  Who needs to take him from his friends and home, when we can visit him whenever we want for FREE and with no RESPONSIBILITY?!  Best skip trip, all week!

I am down to 8 miles in the gas tank, but it was worth it to see the old school fish tank!
7 days are up and it is time to buy gas.
CHALLENGE: Give up gas for a week and tell me about your own skip trips!  
The Aquarium!

Friday, March 23, 2012


I have found the perfect, unsanitary, and dangerous teething toy for Lan.  The nasal bulb.  You know the rubbery syringe used for sucking snot out of a little one's nose.  It has a long, pointed end that could be used to poke her eye out or even get semi-lodged in her throat.  Unsafe, yes... yet soothing for the both of us.  Not only is it great for teething, but for diaper changing!  I have learned to change a diaper on the move with twists and turns, grabs and pulls...but now with bulb in hand, she is motionless!  THANK YOU snot bulb!  She only gets the pleasure of the bulb under my supervision.  I'm not that bad of a Momster!  I guess I'll add that it was clean, too.

On to more nosey facts.  Lan draws attention when she sleeps in public.  She doesn't snore or make any noises...it's the way she falls asleep.  It's quit simple.  Give her any soft blanket to nuzzle (rubbing her whole face with the blanket) and she is OUT!  Great, right?!  Except when we are in public.  I have every white, haired grandma stop me to tell me that my daughter is smothering, even though her nose is not covered.  "You need to pull the blanket off her face."  That's the most common command we receive from the Golden Girls look alikes!  Some even do it themselves!   Because I respect those old ladies, I move it. And then my tired gal starts crying.  Secretly, once the grandma turns her back, I put the blanket back on Lan's face and all is dreamy again.  It doesn't bother me much, because I know I am going to be that NOSEY white, haired grandma one day...or on an episode of What Would You Do.  

The Bulb of  Motionless!